Vision Care & Optometry Services - Zephyrhills, Florida

What You Can Expect During Your Exam

You can expect courteous professional help.  As your eyecare professionals, we strive to make your eye exam as easy and as helpful as possible.

We want your visit to be educational concerning your eyes, health, eyeglasses, contact lenses and Lasik evaluations.  We do things a little different from many others, we welcome your questions!

We always keep your personal information private, which is why we offer our intake forms online through a secure link.  Now you can provide us detailed information in the comfort of your own home, which in turn makes it possible for us to get started with your eye exam as quickly as possible when you arrive.  If you do not have time to go over these forms prior to your arrival, no problem!  We have paper forms that you can fill out when you get into the office.  As a returning patient, we typically update your information upon your arrival.  Please click the link under the “Patient Registration” tab above to fill out your forms.

After the intake process our technicians will immediately get you started with a few pre tests  before you visit the doctor.  The doctor will then examine your eyes and discuss the appropriate topics related to your vision healthcare.  Again, we welcome your questions.  We want you to be informed about your care as we believe that it is a team effort.  If appropriate, the doctor will fit you for contact lenses if requested.

We take many vision and medical insurance plans.  Check out our insurance section above to see if your plan is accepted here.

Primary Eye Care Services

Hicks Vision Care provides comprehensive optometric care to all including eyeglass examinations, medical eye examinations, contact lens fittings, visual field testing and glaucoma care, treatment of ocular allergies and injuries, emergencies such as foreign body removal, and pre and post-operative care for patients requiring cataract surgery or choosing LASIK. You can learn more throughout this website. To start you may want to read "What is Optometry?"

We utilize the latest in diagnostic equipment and are committed to keeping up with technical advances in our industry. We have implemented Electronic Medical Records or EMR, meaning we are a fully paperless office and are working to make technology work for us.

Contact Lens Services

We fit and prescribe all major brands of soft contact lenses and rigid contact lenses as well as assist those who have difficulty or unusual contact lens fitting needs or problems. Most people with astigmatism can be fitted successfully and we specialize in fitting the latest multifocal contact lenses or monovision contact lenses as well as the following contacts: daily disposable, continuous wear, color contacts and custom made soft or hard rigid contact lenses.

Medical Visits and Ocular Emergencies

Our doctors are well trained and proficient in the treatment of ocular allergies, glaucoma, retinal disease and foreign body removal.  We also collaborate with local surgeons for pre and post operative care of cataract surgery and lasik.

Infant See

We Participate in the American Optometric Association initiative that spearheads the awareness of lack of vision care for our youngest members of society. The American Optometric Association recommends eye examinations for all children at six months of age, three years of age, five years of age, and every year after. Infant See providers offer no cost eye examinations to any and all infants six to twelve months of age. These exams are offered in part to emphasize the importance of early detection and regular care for all ages. Our participation in this program is consistent with our mission to have a healthy interdependence with our community.



Hicks Vision Care
7631 Gall Blvd.
Zephyrhills, FL  33540

Tel: 813-788-9767
Fax: 813-788-9957

Hicks Vision Care is located within the WalMart Vision Center in Zephyrhills. The WalMart is located just south of Dade City in the Northern area of Zephyrhills.

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Office Hours

The office hours are as follows:

Monday: 9am-5pm
: 10am-6pm
: Open 3 Wednesdays per month 9am-5pm
: 9am-5pm
: Closed
: Open 3 Saturdays per month 9am-2pm